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Saint Catherine's Care Training

Saint Catherine's Care Oxford believes that high-quality staff is a result of high-quality training. This is why we spare no time or expense in ensuring our staff receive industry-leading induction and regularly updated training in a wide variety of care concepts as outlined by Skills for Care. 

Our induction training includes both classroom-based training as well as practical lessons in the thought modules where staff delegates have the opportunity to practice and explore different work scenarios.

Our induction program includes the following modules:

Aimed at beginner or intermediate skilled audience, The Moving and Handling assessed module equips staff with in-depth theory and practical skills in the moving and handling of people with a variety of equipment. It also explores human physiology of the spine, the risk assessments associated with moving people alongside relevant legislation.




of People

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The safeguarding workshop discusses the important task of keeping vulnerable individuals safe from harm. It discusses how to spot signs of abuse and methods of reporting them. Prevention of harm is also discussed as well as how to support victims of the several types of abuse.



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By the end of the Continence Management module, staff delegates would be equipped with the skills, and confidence required to manage or support individuals to maintain or manage their continence with dignity and respect. Different techniques and aids are explored and practiced.

Saint Catherine's Care training services are also available to relatives or family carers. Relatives of clients can access our training at significantly discounted rates. We also deliver training support to other care providers. This can be arranged in-house within one of our sessions, or arranged exclusively for your organisation Contact us to find out more.

Our training workshops take place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where delegates are free to explore simulated real-life scenarios. There is usually a mixture of backgrounds and experience ensuring a rich and healthy learning environment.

The Food Hygiene workshop explores the hygienic and safe ways to provide food and drink to a vulnerable person. This includes safe preparation, storage and disposal of foods in a way that prevents cross-contamination. This course provides a Level 2 Certificate on successful completion or assessment material.



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The Medicines module teaches the safe procuring, handling, administration and recording of medicines in social care setting. It also explores the challenges associated with safe handling of medicines, alongside interpreting prescriptions, storage and safe disposal of unused medicines.





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The Person-centered Care workshop discusses the concept of person-centered care which is underpinned and covers Equality and Diversity, Dignity and Respect and Universal Human Rights. This is an engaging workshop which delegates usually find fulfilling and thought-provoking.




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We also run workshops in the full induction package as recommended by Skills for Care including: Basic First Aid, Personal Care,  Mental Capacity Act, Dementia Awareness, Infection Control, Health and Safety, Effective Communication and Record Keeping. We also run regular statutory updates for all our modules as recommended by Skills for Care and Social Care Institute for Excellence.

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