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Saint Catherine's Live-in Care

Your Hygiene


As we all take our hygiene needs central to our sense of being, it can be devastating when we are no longer able to cope with maintaining it as well as we used to. It can also be difficult to accept help from others in this intimate area. After all, you've done it your whole life. Saint Catherine's Care will match you with an experienced worker you can trust, who understands you and gives assistance which promotes your choices. We will strive to understand what is important to you and ensure you have a fulfilling experience that you and your family will love.

Your health

 With our live-in care service, your specialist trained carer will identify when you are feeling unwell and will coordinate your treatment with your GP, to ensure a seamless and fast treatment. 

Even when you need hospital treatment, say for minor surgery, having your own trained live-in carer will ensure your stay in hospital is minimized and delay in discharge is eliminated. You will have a dedicated assistant on hand round the clock, giving you peace of mind.

Assisting the Elder

Our mum-test approach means that Saint Catherine's Care would always see things from your point of view. Many of our care support workers have lots of life experiences, including care of our own families. We work with carefully selected care support workers who share our core values and so will give care and treatment to our clients that is good enough for their own families.

What you can expect from your live-in service:

Your live-in carer will assist with preparing all meals according to your preferences, including any specialist or prescribed diet that is compatible with your health needs.

Your live-in carer will take the stress out of medicines handling.They will give you all the support you need with acquiring, delivering and taking your medicines

We know how important it is to feel safe in your own home, that's why your live-in carer will make your safety a priority. They will be on hand round the clock for your peace of mind.

Our care experts are always on hand to give information and advice on a range of care-related issues. We are a phone call away to help you find a solution that is right for you.

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Your Social Life

Life is meant to be lived. With the support of your handpicked live-in carer, you and your family will continue to build memories and wonderful experiences that make life interesting. From trips to the local cafes to holidays abroad, you can lead a fulfilling life with your live-in carer. 

Elderly social life
High-Quality Carers for High-Quality Care

Trust is vital when it comes to our loved ones. You want to ensure your family is in the most trusted hands. That's why our carers are hand-picked after stringent vetting process which includes satisfactory references, up to date DBS checks, up to date training and relevant experience. They are also selected to ensure their values match our ethos - providing high-quality care that reassures you and your family. 

Thousands of families across the UK are choosing live-in care as a real alternative to care and nursing homes. It is often more cost-effective and gives you maximum choice and control.

The Mum Test

Live-in care is a popular choice of care that provides you and your loved one a real alternative to care or nursing home. With live-in care you are in control.


Join thousands of families across the UK who are already enjoying the benefits of live-in care in their own homes.

Live in care costs less than you think and brings stability and peace of mind.


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